Earn rewards and MB with Mobimax is easier than ever, once you register and use the app you have more opportunities to win.
It is very easy, just follow these 4 steps:
  1. Launch Mobimax and look for the menu "Invite and win MBs". If you still don't have the app, just download it here
  2. There you will see your invitation code. Select the option to 'Invite friends' and select the way to share it: Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or sending the code via email.
  3. When you refer 3 friends, you will automatically earn a data package that can be activated using step #4.
  4. Buy any of our Mobimax data packages from Claro Colombia in the section: 'Data Packages' and automaticaly we will activate your free package.
* Data package equivalent to 100MB for 7 days.
This is the only app that gives you instant rewards just for downloading it and register.
Just go to the Play Store here to download Mobimax, follow the installation procedures and register.
Buy a Claro Colombia data packge within Mobimax 'Data Packages' and immediately we will activate completely free 100MB of data for 7 days.