Mobimax FAQ

How to buy a data package from Claro Colombia?

To buy your data package from Claro Colombia from Mobimax go to “My data plan” and then “Buy a Package”. Remember that you should have balance in your Claro Colombia prepaid account

What does happen if I already have a data package from Claro Colombia?

Your current data package continues and once is over the new one will be activated, whether it is the welcome 100MB package or any other bought through Mobimax or Claro Colombia

How to control the data I’m using?

Go to “Efficient Apps” and access the browser, your email account(s), Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and soon, instant messaging.

How to pick the level of navigation control?

Go to the menu (3 line icon at the top of the Mobimax screen) and then go to “Navigation Control”.

What do our “Efficient Apps” do?

These Apps control the megabytes (MB) and how much money you will spend to access (new) content when browsing the web, using your email, Twitter, Facebook or Youtube account(s).

How to download the Mobimax browser?

The Mobimax browser downloads automatically when clicking the icon “Browser” within our “Efficient Apps”. This hyperlink will take you to the server where you will be able to download it from. You may want to do this when you’re connected to wifi, so you don’t spend MBs unnecessarily.

How to know at which pace you are consuming your data plan?

Go to “My Plan” and you will see a diagram that will tell you how many of your plan’s MBs you have used. Also look at the little ball icon at the top-left-hand corner of your screen. If it is green means you are using your data at a good rate and your MB will last until the expiration. If it is red, means that you are using data too fast and you are going to run out of data before the expiration.

How to see how much money you’ve saved using Mobimax?

Go to “My Plan” and then scroll down to “Save-o-meter” where you’ll see how much money and how many MBs you have saved.

How to know when your data plan will expire?

Go to “My Data Plan” and then to “Oxygen”.

How to see which apps swallow the majority of your MBs?

Go to “My Data Plan” and go down until “Apps that swallow your MBs”.

How to know many MBs you have left in your data plan?

Go to “My Plan” and scroll down to “With the remaining apps you can” where you’ll see what you can do in YouTube, Twitter and Facebook with the MBs you currently have.

What does the little color ball at the top of your screen tell you?

This color ball is an indicator that will remain in your screen always. The color represents the pace at which you use your data. If it’s green, you are going at good pace and you’ll have enough MBs for the length of your plan, and if it’s red, then you will not. The filing shows you how far through the data plan you are. If the ball is full, the plan has just begun. If the ball is nearly empty, then it means you’re using the last MB of your plan.

Any other question?

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